The mission of the 1200 s.r.l. is to join electronic foundry to end users companies with the aim to develop high technology electronic products. The 1200 is the best partner for companies that look for high specialized electronic knowledge in order to develop and start up new technology products in the field of electronics.

Also companies producing Software which often face with hardware inherent problems can look at 1200 srl as an acquaintances reference and a deep experience support in widening their activity field.

1200 s.r.l. helps companies to upgrade or to form new human resources to maintain and develop new products.

The people of the 1200 get constantly fresh information on their respective sectors; this is the key factor of the 1200 s.r.l. to help companies that share know-how with the 1200 s.r.l. to produce constantly new products.

The 1200 s.r.l. is partner with many national research centers and participates constantly to new high technology research projects. Moreover the 1200 s.r.l. is “Research Laboratory” acknowledged by the Ministero dell'Istruzione, Università e Ricerca (MIUR)

The know-how of the 1200 is constantly upgraded by means of new projects directly developed by the company itself to test and trial new technology and future trends. This allows the 1200 s.r.l. to give to their partners constantly new competencies in the field of electronic.

With the aim to form new human resources able to operate over the local territory, the 1200 s.r.l. accept constantly, into its own laboratories academical thesis and stages.

The 1200 s.r.l. follows constantly new trends and industrial demand with the aim to anticipate new request and new technologies in the field of electronic.


“The solution to your success is our goal”


Our Services


The aim of the 1200 s.r.l. is to support factory in the following fields:

  • Check Up of OEM Electronic Design (Hardware/Low Level Software)

  • Develop of completely new OEM Electronic Design(Hardware/Low Level Software)
  • Assistance in the process of Upgrading End Live electronics products

  • Assistance in the process of concept board prototyping HW/SW

  • Assistance in the Start Up of new Electronic Products



Technology Utilized

The 1200 s.r.l. follow the full production of micro controller systems (hardware, firmware and legacy. A synthetic description of already utilized technology adopted are:


FPGA Xilinx Altera
Colrunner 2
Microcontrollers 680XX, 68HCXX
8-16-32 bit PIC16FXX
Infineon C167 - C500
Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Texas DSP TMS320




1200 Elettronica s.r.l.

V.A.T. Nr 05563310720

Chief Manager: ing. Michele Chiarantoni


Location: Via Suglia, 33 - 70125 Bari


Tel/fax: +390805493012



Electronic innovation as mission


The 1200 srl born in the year 2000 by the idea of three engineers. The main idea was to realize a reference structure for the electronic projects.

The main knowledge of the 1200 comes by the most importants scientific research center in the territory.


The 1200 s.r.l. collaborate with Researcher of the Polytechnic of Bari, Researchers of Tecnopolis and Researchers of non Government Society.